February 4, 2023

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13 reasons why married men are attracted to you

Why do I keep attracting married men?

It’s an age-old question, repeated by women throughout the ages.

It’s the central theme of countless books, films, and social media.

And the answer is rarely what a woman wants to hear.

In a way, married people, who usually have different perspectives, need a boost or seek validation.

The mating dance is complicated, but when you add a person who isn’t available at the start, everything loses meaning.

But why does it keep happening?

Chances are, it’s not entirely your fault.

You are a great catch and you deserve someone authentic and available.

How do you know when a married man is attracted to you?

It’s usually easy to tell if a married man is attracted to you. Once he decides he likes you and your company, he’s pretty direct.

A married man with feelings will express them in a few basic ways.

He appreciates your friendship. He compliments you. he spends time with you He talks about his relationships. he flirts with you

Also pay attention to his body language. It’s the single strongest indicator of how he’s feeling.

Our body subconsciously reacts to the world around us. In poker they are called tells.

And although we become adept at hiding the most obvious, these tells, combined with other nonverbal cues, can reveal a lot about what someone is thinking or feeling.

If a married man is interested, he will find ways to get closer to you. He may touch your arm, put a hand on your back in a crowd, or sit across from you. All of these are telltale signs of interest.

Surprisingly, a married man who is interested in a woman draws her into his life by talking about marriage or children. He can even discuss his finances with you.

Although counterintuitive, the confidential nature of the subject shows his trust and interest in you.

Marriage is difficult. Temptations are everywhere and nobody can be 100% happy and content. And then you go through the door.

Why am I attracted to married men? 13 possible reasons

Do you often ask yourself, “Why are married men attracted to me?” Sometimes the answer is simpler than you think.

Married men are attracted to you because you are attractive, intelligent, and exciting.

You bring something new or fresh into their world and they consciously or subconsciously want more.

So ask yourself what do you want?

1. You are successful.

Money, sex and power are intertwined. We see it every day on TV, in politics and in Hollywood. Success and self-confidence are great aphrodisiacs. When you exude success and opportunity, you are likely to attract others.

Also consider that many married men have achieved some success and would be less intimidated by your career path.

2. Your vulnerability is revealed.

On the other hand, vulnerability is sometimes a draw. Men naturally want to help and fix things. And your state may attract a strongman who wants to help.

There is also another type of man who can easily spot and take advantage of this. You have to understand the difference.

3. You are a challenge.

Men love challenges. They don’t like anyone who plays games, preferring someone who surprises them and keeps them on their toes. Play games and a married man is likely to walk away.

So if you are a beautiful, intelligent woman who is a catch, chances are you have a married man or two who would like to spend time with you.

4. You fulfill the 80/20 rule.

This reason is a peculiar one. The 80/20 rule states that people choose a partner who has 80% of the qualities they consider desirable. They then look for the other 20% elsewhere – with friends, acquaintances, business colleagues and lovers.

The thought process is that if a person waits for the perfect partner, they may wait a lifetime. A married man might find you attractive because he sees that elusive 20%.

5. You are in a male-dominated world.

Sometimes a married man is attracted to you just because you are there. This opportunistic attraction is common when you work in a male-dominated industry. You can be the only woman at a retreat or on the board.

man and woman having fun at work why do i attract married men

It’s also relatively common in women with hobbies or interests that used to be attributed exclusively to men, such as extreme sports, aviation, or even hunting. As unflattering as that sounds, you may be available right now.

6. You are independent.

An independent woman can be financially stable. But it can also mean that you are a strong and sensible woman who makes her own decisions without relying on anyone else.

It’s a great place in life, and it’s extraordinarily attractive to the opposite sex – like bees to honey. And married men are not immune to attraction.

7. You are distant.

If you come across as reserved or aloof, it may be a deterrent to younger, insecure men, but it’s a red flag to a more confident married man.

Whether you’re just quiet and reserved, painfully shy, or really distant doesn’t matter.

Her icy facade can hide a passionate and vivacious personality, and this enigma is attractive to married men.

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8. You prefer unavailable men.

One of the few reasons married men keep playing for you is because you subconsciously want it. Men who are emotionally or physically unavailable are a safety net against injury.

Or you can find them more directly so you always know where you are. It’s a complex situation that may require some work on your part to determine the root cause.

9. You are too trusting.

There is no night in shining armor.

But it’s painfully obvious when you’re desperate for love, approval, money, or a man in your life. And because a relationship with a married man seems easy and safe.

You might want to believe his story. This indecisiveness signals that you are open to his advances and interested in a causal connection.

10. You can keep a secret.

Trust is essential in business and relationships. Married men are both impressed and attracted to women who understand the rules of the game and can keep secrets.

Successful women with high standards keep their lives private. And married men admire women who can navigate life without telling the world.

So if you are good at keeping secrets or dividing up your life, you could be attractive to unavailable men.

11. You like married men.

Married men are attractive. They may be more mature, advanced in their careers, and have a sense of responsibility.

Through experience, they understand women’s needs and desires and work hard to meet or please those they care about.

Husband texting happily while wife is sleeping, why am I attracted to married men?

And there is nothing more attractive to a man than a woman who has feelings for him. That’s how this whole love thing works. You attract married men because you are attracted to married men.

12. Your timing is right.

Most men you socialize or work with are married, which is bound to happen. One of the many reasons you are attracted to married men is biology.

You enter a stage of life where you are searching and you are there. Remember you are a catch and they are looking.

13. You flirt back.

Why am I attracted to married men? Because you want it. They signal that you are looking, and if they care little about loyalty, they will show interest.

But what do you really want? Understanding our intentions is vital in any relationship but essential when dealing with a married man.

Yes, sometimes you meet the one and they are married. But for the most part, a married man’s attraction has certain limitations on the relationship.

A married man will rarely turn his carefully constructed life upside down for you. So why? Uncertainty? validation? Sound familiar?

What to do when married men are attracted to you

Not all married men who flirt want sex or a relationship. Some men play and tease to see if they can still attract a beautiful and desirable woman.

So when a married man flirts, it can be for many reasons:

gvfcdfdsaHe may be having harmless fun. At home he is unhappy. He’s just nice. He’s going through a midlife crisis and wants to feel young again. He wants an exciting new sexual relationship.

Everyone wants to be loved and appreciated. Perhaps a married man flirts because he feels invisible at home. Or it could just be an opportunity and drinking too much.

Aside from being challenging, some married men flirt because it’s dangerous. There is a rush and a sense of danger in putting their whole lives on the line. It’s a gamble, a roll of the dice that excites and excites her.

But if you’ve caught the attention of a married man and are trying to extricate yourself from the situation, try a few of these things.

Ignore your feelings and him. Cut off all contact and avoid texting and calling. Mention his wife and children when you speak to each other. Don’t touch while speaking. Avoid alone time. Ask him directly to withdraw.

Final Thoughts

Being attracted to someone is human. And if you’re not actively pursuing a person, it’s not your fault they’re attracted to you. So stop worrying about it. live your life well

And when it comes to relationships, try to follow the golden rule – treat others as you would like them to treat you.

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