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Remote Work Can Help Filipino Start-Ups Scale

Remote Work Can Help Filipino Start-Ups Scale

4 Ways in Which Remote Work Can Help Filipino Start-Ups Scale

Filipino Guardian | 4 Ways in Which Remote Work Can Help Filipino Start-Ups Scale | There is often—if not always—the assumption that remote contractors work for foreign businesses only. 

After all, isn’t that why international companies hire Filipino remote workers?

While this is true on some level, Filipino remote talents can also help start-ups in the Philippines to scale.

Here’s how.

Levels the Playing Field

levels playing field

In various parts of the world, there is a labor shortage. International companies struggle to find the right talent in their locality to fill in so many open positions. 

To solve this problem, many global businesses choose to outsource their needs to other countries, such as the Philippines.

Thus, some of these foreign clients can end up competing with Filipino businesses for top talent.

So, start-ups hiring local remote workers can actually level the playing field. In doing so, local businesses now have the chance to receive high-quality output, which many of their foreign counterparts use to scale faster.

Gaining excellent results from strategic remote hires can also elevate Filipino companies, helping them compete on a global stage.

Saves Money and Resources

saves money

One big advantage of outsourcing to remote workers is that you can cut back on your operating costs. This is especially beneficial for Filipino startups that may not have a lot of working capital at the beginning.

Sometimes, the company may not have enough resources to hire a full-time employee who might only perform clerical tasks.

So, it’s better to deploy such responsibilities to remote talents on a part-time basis, who can still deliver outstanding service.

Further, hiring remotely can let Filipino start-ups save on office rent and utilities. Remote contractors already come equipped with their own laptops and Internet connection, after all.

Lastly, many remote workers already have years of experience. Thus, Filipino companies most likely will no longer have to spend a large amount of resources training them.

Reduces Turnover Rate

turnover rate

Many startups and established companies all over the world face a common challenge: a high turnover rate.

This is often a result when a business experiences exponential growth that its employees cannot keep up with, which leads to collective burnout after them having to handle too many responsibilities all at once.

And when employees leave in droves, the HR department has to scramble to fill in the gaps. This causes the company to lose time, effort, and money in the process.

However, hiring remote workers reduces the chance of this happening.

Business owners can strategically delegate tasks to remote contractors and thereby ease the workload of their in-house employees.

The company also does not have to expend so much money in training remote hires since they pretty much know what to do already and can get to work almost immediately.

Streamlines Internal Business Processes


Entrepreneurs are not exempt from certain administrative tasks, which are still crucial to the overall running of the business.

However, these tasks can take up a substantial amount of time that could have been put towards more profitable activities.

Business owners should focus on making key decisions and crafting strategies to take their companies to the next level, especially when they’re starting out. Thus, outsourcing admin tasks frees up their time and allows them to do exactly that.

The Remote Work Boom in the Philippines

remote work boom

While having an online job has existed long before the pandemic, the remote work industry is experiencing a surge in popularity.

More and more people are realizing – and enjoying- the possibilities of working remotely.

If you want to get ahead of your competitors whether here or abroad, you might want to start tapping into a growing pool of Filipino remote workers.

But let’s say you fall on the other side of this equation and can’t exactly wait for local companies to start embracing the remote work set-up. How can you access remote working opportunities by working for clients abroad – without the risk of running into a scam? 

Partnering with a tried and tested company, like Remote Staff, can help make the transition into remote work easier for you- so you can enjoy the benefits sooner.

Our job listing is always updated, so you might find an open position that best fits your qualifications.

Take this opportunity to boost your career and showcase your skills to international clients. Start your remote working career now and register today!


ricaAbout Rica Jankulovski

As the Co-Founder and General Manager of Remote Staff, Rica Jankulovski has been helping small-to-medium-sized companies grow sustainably and steadily by matching them with hard-working, English-speaking Filipino remote talent.

Having been born and raised in the Philippines and currently living in Australia, her unique experiences and perspectives on both cultures allow her to constantly empower both her clients and remote talents to make a meaningful difference in work and in life.