February 4, 2023

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Commanders undrafted FS Jeremy Reaves makes NFL Pro Bowl

Jeremy Reaves

Jeremy Reaves Photo: Getty Images

Being picked as a starter in the Pro Bowl has always been one of the highest individual honors an NFL player can achieve. Although the actual game has lost some of its appeal over the years and has become a joke in the eyes of fans and former players, the selection process combined with hearing the news for the first time still means something to many current players.

That has never been more evident than in Washington, where the team filmed head coach Ron Rivera personally breaking the news to some of his boys, capturing the heartfelt moment in real time. Every player’s reaction is priceless, but Jeremy Reaves’ meant the most to all. And it’s good to see good news coming out of Washington every now and then.

Reaves was an undrafted free agent who signed with Washington in 2018 and has bounced around on the team’s practice squad in recent years. It’s been a tough fight for Reaves in the NFL. After losing his biggest supporter, his mother, in November 2021, this season has meant so much more for free safety.

It doesn’t matter in which position/unit, whether special teams, offensive or defensive. Being named a Pro Bowl starter still affects players because it means you’ve arrived in a way. You are considered one of the best, if not the best, in your position in the league. Every player strives (or should) to achieve this goal when turning pro.

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Even though Pro Bowl Sunday isn’t what it used to be, the opportunity to announce your name as a Pro Bowl starter is something to be proud of and look forward to. Although a traditional game is no longer played on Pro Bowl weekend, having been replaced by a skill contest, it still seems just as important. Some players have been in the league for years and never make it to the Pro Bowl as a backup or substitute. It was nice to see such a hard working young man, whom all players seem to love, pull off such a feat.