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Many of us have had less than satisfactory doctor visits. Wait an hour, read a magazine that’s a year old, just to get the verdict: let’s schedule some testing and we might have an answer in a month. Maybe it’s low testosterone or a hormonal imbalance. Blood test for an instant insight, maybe? thought about it All that has changed with Transcend HRT, a physician-led telemedicine provider helping thousands of people across the country optimize their health and well-being by providing access to non-traditional advanced medicine with hormone replacement therapy. Now you can exceed your goals and the journey to improved health and performance begins at your fingertips.

Personalized treatment plan

Your journey begins at, where you fill out a simple online form and one of Transcend’s Wellness Specialists will contact you to determine the next step. The online process and medical experts make it easy to find what is right for you.

“First, we do extensive blood work and fine-tune the plan based on the person’s goals,” said Ernie Colling, Transcend CEO. “When we look at the lab numbers, we don’t see it the way other providers do, driven by insurance. We look at the whole person. We can definitely treat the symptoms and help people feel a lot better than they have in years. The only time people have to leave their homes is to have blood drawn.

“When people come to us, we look at their health holistically and at their budget, and in most cases we are successful in meeting their needs. We’re privately paid, but privately paid at reasonable rates,” Colling said.

All of Transcend’s treatment options are backed by physicians to ensure you receive the best possible care to address your specific symptoms and needs, whatever they may be. Transcend’s physicians and medical staff directly prescribe all required tests and review and confirm all test results. All medications prescribed by their physicians and/or affiliated physicians are dispensed by a US FDA-approved pharmacy.

“So many patients have placed their trust in us and we are very grateful for that,” added Colling.

State of the art options

“Individuals are taking their health back into their own hands,” said Jesse Kessler, Transcend co-founder and director of business development. “With Transcend, things are not off the shelf. Everyone gets a specific plan based on their goals, symptoms and blood counts.”

Over the years, Kessler has worked with thousands of people across the country, men and women of all ages, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. This includes younger patients in their early 20s and early 30s with low testosterone who may suffer from low fertility if a couple is looking to start a family. Or women who are going through different stages of life and need hormonal help. “Many couples come to us to revitalize their love life,” Colling said.

“By working with a network of wellness specialists and elite athletes, I’ve learned that there are many ways to leverage the efforts of your health journey. There are so many innovative options you need to know about to increase performance,” Kessler said.

“preventive medicine”

Many professional physical athletes have partnered with Transcend because of the unique services the company offers – including seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath, “The Texas Oak” Logan Franklin, and four-time Men’s Physique Olympian Jeremy Buendia.

“Most people in this sport care about their appearance; We want to make sure their insides are working well, too,” said Colling, noting the importance of regular blood work for some competitors who may experience permanent organ damage or enlarged hearts. “We like to use the term preventive medicine, not reactionary,” he said.

“We truly believe that we will change the sport for the better, leading to better physique and longer lifespans. Better for the sport and optimal health and performance,” said Colling.

“More detailed blood work”

When Phil Heath learned about Transcend and the benefits it offers athletes, and raised awareness of the importance of regular blood testing, the Mr. Olympia legend partnered with the company.

“I had a Zoom call with Jesse and Ernie, the owners of Transcend, and it was like I’ve known them my entire life. They explained how they analyze the blood values ​​and offer wellness coaches for customers. They figure out what you want and then give you suggestions. It was a more extensive blood test than I think I’ve ever had in my career and it was inexpensive compared to what I had done in the past. This is important because we know that many bodybuilders don’t get blood work because they don’t have health insurance. They asked me what I wanted. I said why don’t we raise awareness about blood testing? You don’t know what you don’t know. If all the people who died in our sport had access to something like this, maybe they could have caught something before it was too late.

“Transcend is not just a hormone clinic. It’s a family that brings great awareness and great products to not just bodybuilders, but regular moms and pops, pro athletes from other sports, entertainers, and even members of the US government. I also love that they don’t hide any information about their products. They give you all the medical data and can answer any questions about the right application.”

Transcend is expanding access to healthcare for age management, sexual wellbeing, hormone therapy, weight loss and non-surgical hair loss treatments. They can help you with:

• Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

• Advanced weight control

• Dynamic hair loss solutions

• Cognitive function

• Anxiety and depression

• Sleep and fatigue

• Athletic performance

Whether you are treating a medical condition or simply want to optimize your health, Transcend’s knowledgeable staff will listen carefully and ensure you receive the best care, based on the latest medical science. And their comprehensive and intuitive patient portal puts you in control of your health and wellness journey. Enjoy 24/7 convenience to schedule callbacks, manage payment options, book appointments, upload documents and more.

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