February 9, 2023

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[EXPLAINER | Cybersecurity] Digitizing government services from womb to grave

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Francisco Ashley L. Acedillo, President of the Philippine Institute of Cybersecurity Professionals, speaks with BusinessWorld reporter Patricia B. Mirasol about privacy, data protection and data breaches.

Digitization should serve the citizens of the “womb to tomb”.

The national ID is the first step in a long journey to consolidating government data, said Mr. Acedillo, who has pioneered digitization as a means of integrated government services from womb to grave.

“What if – from the start – you’re already in this system?” he said. “Isn’t it nice that the government is able not only to provide services to you, but also to anticipate your needs throughout your life? For me, that should ultimately be the goal of government digitization.”

We should spend more on cyber security.

“Best practices tell you that every organization – or in this case national government – ​​should spend between 2% and 5% of their annual budget on cybersecurity. We’re still a long way from that,” said Mr. Acedillo.

Recorded on location at the GSIS building on October 6th, four days before the SIM card registration bill was signed into law by President Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr. on October 10th. Produced by Joseph Emmanuel L. Garcia, Earl R. Lagundino , and Sam L. Marcelo.