January 31, 2023

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Globe offers master classes in the Metaverse


Globe Telecom, Inc. will host virtual masterclasses in music, film, entrepreneurship, esports and fashion at the Metaverse.

“When streaming, we limit ourselves to reactions and comments. In the Metaverse we can chat with mentors and celebrities,” said Anna Baldos, Head of Globe Prepaid Portfolio, at the Globe Innovation Fest on November 3. “There are various activities that you can do to earn points – that can win you bigger tickets.”

The masterclasses will take place at the telco’s Virtual Hangouts (VH) metaverse, which consists of GoJAM, a digital music camp; GoWATCH, a film lab in partnership with Anima; GoHUSTLE, an entrepreneurial boot camp; GoESPORTS, a training ground for e-sports; and GoKOREAN, a place for fashion lovers.

The telecom provider also said it would offer additional scholarships for Google Career Certificates (GCC), a program that gives Globe’s prepaid and TM customers access to 39,000 information technology (IT) certificate courses.

“GCC is open to everyone,” said Anne David, integrated marketing manager for Globe’s MSME Group. While all scholarship spots have already been filled, she added that “allocations will be unlocked in the near future.”

Meanwhile, Globe is funding at least 100 original Tagalog/English children’s books and another 10 original stories in Cebuano, Ilocano, Hiligaynon, Maranao and Bicolano through its partnership with NABU Philippines, a non-profit organization that publishes multilingual children’s books. In addition to being available in the NABU app, the titles are transferred from the GlobeOne app and the Globe e-Library. — Patricia B. Mirasol