February 9, 2023

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Here is a guide on how to calculate it

13TH MONTHLY PAYMENT 2022 – Below is a guide on how to calculate the 13th month’s salary you will receive this December.

Are you one of those people who are happy about their 13th month’s wages? You may be wondering how much you will get this December. There is actually a way to determine the amount you will receive.

How to Calculate 13th Month Salary in the Philippines? Here’s a simple guide…

Steps to calculate 13th month salary in PH

HOW TO CALCULATE THE 13TH MONTH PAYMENT PHILIPPINES – Here is a simple calculation guide to get the amount of your 13th month salary.

To be honest, the 13th month salary is one of the things that gets a lot of people excited when the holiday season comes around. This is employee perks and time off is required by law under Executive Order No. 851.

The 13th monthly salary is usually paid to employees in December. The law stipulates that it should be published no later than the 24th day of the last month of the year. It is awarded to employees who have worked at a company for at least one (1) month.

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Are employees on probation entitled to a 13th month’s salary?

Based on Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) guidelines, an employee is entitled to a 13th month salary, regardless of their employment status with the Company, as long as they have worked at least one (1) month. In this way, employees who are on trial actually get their 13th monthly salary.

How to Calculate 13th Month Salary in the Philippines?

Calculating the salary you received for the full year to arrive at your 13th month salary is easy. All you have to do is calculate the total of all the base salaries you received, minus your tardiness and absenteeism, for each month from January through December and divide the total by 12 – the number of months you have worked for the company.

Here is an example of calculating the 13th monthly salary:

January – 12,000 p. February – 8,900 p. March – 11,500 p. April – 12,000 p. May – 12,000 p. June – 12,000 p. July – 11,900 p. August – 10,300 p. September – 12,000 p. October – 12,000 p. November – P11,500 December – P10,700

Total Salary = P136,800

P136,800 / 12 = P11,400 (this is the employee’s 13th month salary)

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