February 4, 2023

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How can I download and install MT4?

Statistically, about 59% of Forex investors trade daily. They spend up to six hours a day analyzing the current market situation and closing deals. In addition, almost 41% of merchants conduct up to 20 and even more transactions monthly. Such intensity requires the use of reliable and convenient trading software. Otherwise, investors risk wasting time and money in fulfilling transactions. And this significantly reduces competitiveness. As a result, trading profit also decreases.

Numerous experts recommend using MetaTrader 4 to avoid the above problems. The specified terminal was launched in 2005. So it has stood the test of time. In addition, many traders praise this platform for its comprehensive user interface and a variety of helpful features. Specialists advise to do the MT4 download process on trusted broker sites (like fbs.com). This is because unverified online brokers often offer inferior software or even terminals infected with malware.

Download and install MetaTrader 4

MetaQuotes Software Corp. created MT4. The developer is known worldwide for its high quality digital products. The company’s software is popular in China, Singapore, Cyprus, Australia and many other advanced countries. In addition, the digital products created by MetaQuotes meet all international requirements. So Forex traders can be sure of the legality and reliability of MetaTrader 4.

What to do first

First, traders should find a trustworthy broker website. Next, investors need to download MetaTrader 4 setup file from this platform. Usually it doesn’t take long. Then it is necessary to perform the following actions:

Run the installation process. Dealers should use the downloaded setup file to do this. Follow the installation wizard’s instructions. Here, too, dealers should accept the license agreement. Specialists advise carefully reading the contract before accepting its terms. Wait for the installation process to complete. This usually takes less than a minute.

After that, investors need to create a new account or log into existing profiles to start making transactions.

Features of the login process in MetaTrader 4

Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

MT4 offers demo and real profiles for beginners. The first allows making deals using virtual funds. The demo account is characterized by the following advantages:

Ability to learn the terminal and not go bankrupt; Ability to test different trading strategies; Ability to analyze current trends without the risk of losing real money.

However, experts advise against using demo accounts for too long. Otherwise, investors risk losing a sense of responsibility for the actions taken as part of the trading process. This can happen because traders can get as much virtual money as they want. On the other hand, when investors make real transactions, the budget is limited.

New account creation in MT4

As part of the established process, traders should fill out a special registration form. You should fill in the following information in the questionnaire:

personal data (they must match the information in the ID); e-mail and a telephone number; Leverage they want to use to close deals.

No, inexperienced users must come up with a strong password. Also, traders should go through the verification procedure to get the right to withdraw the money they won.

Main advantages of MetaTrader 4

Image by Csaba Nagy from Pixabay

MT4 is characterized by its intuitive user interface. Here are all the necessary tools, buttons and sections in prominent places. This helps to avoid wasting time searching for a needed item. The other pros are:

Great ways to learn the terminal without outside help. That’s because MetaQuote offers comprehensive tutorials for its customers. In addition, the developer offers traders a thematic online forum. Presence of digital trade consultants. Such robots help automate the investment process. Thus, traders can save a lot of time when using the advisors. Test module availability. With this tool you can review any trading strategy before using it in real investments. Of course, the feature doesn’t take into account all possible market factors affecting trades. However, the module allows detection of inefficient trading tactics. Trading history availability. This helps in analyzing mistakes made in the investment process.

No, MetaTrader 4 offers its users the ability to view the latest financial news in the regularly updated newsfeed, apply multiple chart types with different timeframes and much more. For example, traders can get additional details by visiting the blog on the official FBS website.

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