February 4, 2023

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Jovit Baldivino’s wife “Napamura” on his sudden death

Here is a post from Jovit Baldivino’s wife. The singer died at the age of 29.

JOVIT BALDIVINO – The death of singer Jovit Baldivino at such a young age has left his wife Camille Ann Miguel with great pain.

The death of Pinoy singer Jovit Baldivino came as a huge shock and surprise to many people. He died of an aneurysm, but before that he suffered from health problems such as high blood pressure. Additionally, his father claimed that prior to the event he attended, he suffered a stroke which resulted in his untimely death.

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There were claims that he collapsed, but according to his wife, it didn’t happen. Reports of his death erupted on Friday. His wake takes place at her family’s home in Rosario, Batangas and their home is open to anyone who wishes to see the singer.

And currently in sheer devastation is his wife, Camille Anne Miguel. She took her frustration at his sudden and untimely passing to Facebook. Her pain even made her swear as she couldn’t seem to comprehend what had happened.

“Hindi ko Lubos maisip na makikita kitang andyanJovit Baldivino’s wife “Napamura” on his sudden deathJovit Baldivino’s wife “Napamura” on his sudden deathJovit Baldivino’s wife “Napamura” on his sudden death sobrang hirap ng sitwasyon kong gantoJovit Baldivino’s wife “Napamura” on his sudden deathnangyare na ang d inaasahan P*t*ng *nan* Buhay to!!!mag papasko mag babagong tao,” she wrote.

She shared a photo of Jovit’s coffin and her post garnered messages and comment and sympathy for her great loss.

Jovit Baldivino WakePhoto taken on IG

Camille has shared on her social media the pain she is feeling now that Jovit is no longer with her. Posting online has become her outlet, and she’s tirelessly expressed how hard it is to start life again without it.


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