February 9, 2023

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Leon Barretto ready to reconcile with Dennis? Here’s what he said

Is Leon Barretto ready to live in peace with his father?

LEON BARRETTO – Marjorie Barretto’s son Leon Barretto opens up about reconciliation with birth father Dennis Padilla.

Dennis Padilla has 3 children with Marjorie Barretto namely Julia Barretto, Leon Barretto and Claudia Barretto. However, the comedian doesn’t have a nice relationship with them. They have an ongoing rift and the last issue about them was about his kids “forgetting” to say hello to him on Father’s Day.

In a previous article, Marjorie expressed her hope that he would protect her children. Ogie Diaz shared, “At umaasa rin si Marjorie na poproteksiunan par rin ni Dennis ang canilang mga anak sa all pagkakataon.”

After the Father’s Day issue, Leon addressed his father directly in an open letter and said that such a day was always so uncomfortable for them because as children they are not where they are.

“We’ve tried so hard to slowly rebuild the bridge you burn every time you talk about our private affairs in your press calls, interviews and social media,” he said.

He also wrote, “Don’t you think it hurts all of us not to feel protected by her own father?”

And now, amid the enduring rift between them, Leon shared that he is indeed open to reconciliation in God’s perfect timing.

He trusts in God’s timing because he is for peace and that is important. He misses him, but wounds take time to heal. What matters to him is that they reunite peacefully.

“Well, I miss my father too, but time heals all wounds. At the end of the day, ang importante lang talaga, when we peacefully reunite. God’s perfect timing but I’m really open to reconciliation and peace with my father,” he said, based on a report by PEP.


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