January 31, 2023

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Martin Nievera declares loyalty to ABS-CBN: “I fought for you”

Martin Nievera signed a new contract with the Kapamilya network

Concert king Martin Nievera pledged his loyalty to ABS-CBN at a recent contract signing event in Las Vegas.

Martin is an icon of the Filipino music industry. In his 40 years in showbiz, he has already given countless sold-out concerts at home and abroad. He has also popularized several timeless classics.

After many years, Martin chose to remain a Kapamilya, although his home network’s application for franchise renewal was not granted. The Concert King hosted a contract signing event with ABS-CBN COO Cory Vidanes and ABS-CBN CEO Carlo Katigbak on the Las Vegas Strip.

In a press conference for his 40th anniversary concert, based on the article in PEP, Martin Nievera said that he didn’t see the need to sign a contract because he remained a Kapamilya despite the hard time ABS-CBN was going through.

“So I signed another contract with ABS-CBN and I was very emotional and so were they because I asked them, ‘Do we need another contract? After everything we’ve been through together and what we’re still going through together?’” said the concert king.

Martin Nievera Cory Vidane's Carlo Katigbak📷: PEP

He added that he doesn’t need a piece of paper to remain loyal. However, he is honored that ABS-CBN wanted to make it official. “You don’t have to write my name on a piece of paper for me to know that I fought for you, I stayed with you,” stressed Martin, adding that it was his loyalty and that it has been from the start.

The singer also shared that other networks presented tempting offers. He said when ABS-CBN reopened decades ago, he was one of the people who were there and so it’s not ready for him to just go like that.

Martin Nievera shared that he could be wealthier and more fascinating if he switched to other networks, but the biggest question he will ask is “Will this make him happy?”.

What can you say about that?

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