February 4, 2023

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Maxene Magalona shares a collection of posts about toxic people

Here are some posts Maxene Magalona shared about toxic people that caught social media attention.

MAXENE MAGALONA — In a new Instagram post, actress Maxene Magalona shares some of her favorite quotes about toxic people.

With everything Maxene Magalona has been through in her life, instead of sulking, she grew stronger. You can always count on her when you are looking for some thoughts to inspire and empower you in life.

And most of these thoughts can be found on her Instagram account. She always spoke about mental health and how people who are struggling can find inner peace. Even if you don’t go through some difficulties, hearing their messages or words of wisdom will lift you up.

Your affirming words and inspirational messages will surely get you further.

In a new Instagram post, she shared some of her favorite quotes and information about toxic people. She believed that these types of people were “not inherently bad or evil,” just people “who haven’t yet found their direction.”

And these types of people drain them accordingly – they drain their energy. She added: “Love is not lost. I send them nothing but good energy in the form of prayers and happy thoughts.”

One of the quotes pointed out that cutting off these people doesn’t make you a bad, selfish, or weak person. This is done to value integrity and not what others might think of you. This is also a way to show respect for yourself.

She also shared the signs of being a toxic person, people being jealous, walking away from someone who makes you worthless, and others.

One of the quotes read, “I’m the family member who doesn’t mind not being part of the family anymore.”

Check out the post below:


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