February 4, 2023

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Mega Millions ends 2022 with a bang of $640 million! How to play from the Philippines


December 28, 2022 | 5:20 p.m

MANILA, Philippines – 2022 has been a spectacular year for big lottery wins. US Mega Millions hit its second-biggest jackpot of all time on July 29, awarding a staggering $1.337 billion (around 74 billion pesos) to the two lucky ticket holders from Illinois.

Not to be outdone, rival lottery US Powerball changed lottery history forever by surpassing $2 billion for the first time and handing out the largest grand prize in history on November 7: $2.04 billion (approx.

Dropping two incredible billion-dollar jackpots in the same year, and doing so so close together, has never happened before, and many probably assumed the excitement was over now and 2022 would quietly come to an end — but Mega Millions has other plans.

With its jackpot surpassing the half billion mark, it looks like this incredible American Lotto 2023 is about to start with a bang! Thanks to TheLotter, the world’s leading online lottery ticket purchasing service, Filipinos can play for this incredible $640 million (approx. 35 billion pesetas) jackpot from the comfort of their own home!

Can Filipinos really play (and win) US Mega Millions?

Yes, you can! Just as tourists can buy lottery tickets from a store in the United States and then claim their prizes, so can Filipinos who buy their tickets at TheLotter.com. United States laws do not prohibit a foreigner or tourist from collecting American lottery prizes, so it is perfectly legal to win the lottery online from the Philippines.

TheLotter’s service is not only legal, it is completely safe and secure. With a 20-year track record and over $115 million in prizes paid out in nearly 8 million winning tickets, rest assured you’ll get whatever you win. Even better, all prizes are paid commission-free (after all relevant taxes).

With that in mind, make sure you get your tickets in in time for the upcoming drawing on Friday 30th December. According to TheLotter spokesman Adrian Cooremans, “There is no limit to how high the current jackpot can grow, but on the other hand, it could be won in this week’s draw. And who knows, the winner could be someone from the Philippines!”

How do I play Mega Millions online from the Philippines?

Getting started with TheLotter is quick and easy!

Visit TheLotter.com and create your account.

Go to the Mega Millions page and choose your lucky numbers: five regular numbers (1-70) and one extra number (1-25).

Click PLAY at the bottom of the screen and choose your preferred payment method.

That’s it! Once your order is confirmed, physical tickets will be purchased on your behalf from licensed Mega Millions retailers through TheLotter’s representatives. To prove your ownership, these tickets are then quickly scanned into your online account where you can view them at any time.

With all your ticket information stored securely online in your account, you’ll never have to worry about losing tickets or missing a game you’ve won again. TheLotter’s secure service does all this for you, and you’ll even be notified directly via email and SMS if you win!

You must match all five regular numbers and the extra number to win the jackpot, but with eight other prize tiers available, you can win a prize by matching even one number.

And if you ever have questions, rest assured that our customer service team is here to help you 24/7!

Get started today to play the biggest jackpots

TheLotter has already seen several of its players become instant millionaires with US Mega Millions prizes. If you’re lucky, you could be our latest winner at the end of this upcoming draw!

Visit TheLotter.com today to place your orders ahead of the next Mega Millions draw!

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