February 4, 2023

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Naughty or nice? Sex toys for the holidays

Forget spiked eggnog, sex toys can really spice up your vacation.

If you’re looking for something sexy for that special someone, a sex toy really could be…just the ticket.

A little unconventional maybe, but who needs to stick to plain vanilla? Certainly not you – if you don’t want to. According to sex toy maker LELO, most of their customers are women, and we couldn’t be happier to see women taking control of their own sexual pleasure. But sex toys don’t just have to be used solo. In fact, LELO says that 70% of their customers are in relationships.

There shouldn’t be any shame in buying sex toys, but we know that’s not exactly what school teaches us and we thought you might have a few questions. So we asked Certified Sex Therapist and HealthyWomen Women’s Health Advisory Council member, Emily Jamea, what you need to know if you’re thinking of taking home a sex toy for the holidays.

“Buying sex toys for a partner can be a fun way to add something new to the relationship,” Jamea said. But she added that it might be a good idea to address the idea first, even if it’s just through hints or questions. “You don’t want to attach sex toys to anyone. You often can’t return them, and they can be expensive.

Here are some sexy gift ideas for the people who made your naughty guys list:

For a partner or friend to nudge on a little adventure. “Handcuffs, blindfolds, restraints and costumes — a little bit of light bondage — make for a great introduction to sex play without being overly intimidating,” Jamea said. “Products that introduce anal play, like butt plugs and beads, make it fun to try new things. Couples may need to take baby steps here. What is comfortable for one may not be comfortable for another. Listen, meet your partner where they are, and embrace it — especially with anal toys.”
For a partner or friend with a penis. C-rings, also known as cock rings, can help spice things up in the bedroom and can include attachments that vibrate. “Anyone with a penis can use them, but they’re particularly good for a male partner who has trouble maintaining an erection,” Jamea said. “I highly recommend these for people suffering from sexual anxiety.” Vibrators aren’t just for women, either. There are also male vibrators that can be inserted.
For a partner or friend with a vagina. A vibrator is just one of many options for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. “Technology has come such a long way,” said Jamea. “There are vibrating panties that you can control with your phone. Your partner can activate them from across the world. They have vibrators that vibrate to the beat of the music you are playing. They are now making toys that use air pulses instead of vibrations.” Decide whether you want a product that only stimulates the clitoris, or one that is inserted into the vagina — or both. There are also many low-tech non-vibrating dildos that come in almost any size, shape, and purpose.
For a partner or friend who is having trouble enjoying sex (due to pain or changes in desire). The pelvic floor muscles contribute to the enjoyment of sexual intercourse and can weaken after menopause. “New toys that focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, like kegel balls, are coming out all the time,” Jamea said. Vibrating ben wa balls combine pleasure with self-care exercises. Lube, which can be silicone or water-based, also makes a great gift for postmenopausal women, and there’s no shortage of flavors and types. Jamea pointed out that water-based lubricants must be used for silicone sex toys.
For a partner who likes to play together. Double-headed vibrators or couple rings are designed to be worn during sex and can be used when becoming intimate with a partner of any gender.

Things to consider when buying adult toys:

Make sure your sex toys are made from safe materials. Some people have allergies to plastics like latex. Silicone or ABS plastic toys are good alternatives. They feel sensual, are non-porous, body-friendly and waterproof.
How to clean sex toys. Sex can be dirty, but toys should always be clean. There are cleaning products specially designed for sex toys that can be sprayed directly onto the toy and rinsed off with water after five seconds. They don’t need a special cleaner, though, Jamea said. “All you need is a gentle, mild soap with warm water.” Avoid soaps with oils, silicone, or abrasives. After cleaning a toy with soap and warm water, store it in a protective container. A plastic container or bag is great, Jamea said. “Just make sure they’re completely dry before you store them.”
charge it up Toys can be charged with a cable or battery. Battery-charged toys are more portable and less restrictive, but typically don’t last as long. Also, it’s important to keep them charged so they don’t fizzle out when you’re feeling frisky.

Still have questions about sex toys?

There is no shame in visiting a sex shop. They are usually sex positive environments with no shame. Vendors come in and educate the sellers so they are generally well informed. Don’t be afraid to go in and ask questions. You can’t think of anything you haven’t heard before. trust us

Now get started – and give the gift of wearing it.

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