February 4, 2023

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NFL owners recently spent nearly $1 billion on laid-off coaches and executives

Matt Rhule

Matt RhulePhoto: Getty Images

If Elon Musk is the icing on the cake with the caption “Billionaires Aren’t Geniuses,” then NFL owners are the hitter.

According to a recent report, the league recently informed owners that over the past five years they’ve spent a whopping $800 million on coaches and front-office executives who don’t even work for them anymore.

I thought we were headed for a recession – guess not.

The report goes on to tell us that the league even produced spreadsheets that showed how poor decision-making was, showing the absurd amounts of money being made by owners who fired people too early or hired the wrong ones. At least $69 million and 12 years of residual contracts have been flushed down the toilet between the Carolina Panthers, Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans. The New York Football Giants are currently paying three different coaching staffs in 2022. And since 2021, seven head coaches have been fired during or after the season.

Do the names of these leaders and coaches sound familiar to you?

Jeff Saturday. Josh McDaniels. Nathaniel Hackett. Eric Bieniemy. Byron Leftwich. Leslie Frazier. Matt Rhule. France. Jon Gruden. Mike Mayock.

If you’re wondering what they all have in common, it’s that recently they either should have been hired, fired, or should have been hired – but still haven’t – all because of a stupid decision signed off by an owner. And with Black Sunday just weeks away, another batch of head coaches and interim coaches will be relieved of their duties as the NFL averages nearly seven head coach changes a year.

This is not a league that values ​​job security.

Oddly enough, the report prepared for the owners feels like yet another example of what Brian Flores’ attorneys will be using as ammunition. Because when three black coaches (Flores, Ray Horton, and Steve Wilks) filed a class-action lawsuit against the league over alleged racist hiring practices, it was proof that owners would rather waste millions on bad white coaches and executives than hire blacks, which only strengthens yours Case. Since 2000, only 26 black men — not counting Mike McDaniel — have been hired as head coaches in that league.

In October, it was reported that the lawsuit was “on hold” as the judge decided whether the case should go to public court, where the NFL’s dirty laundry would be aired, or to arbitration, before NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would act as arbiter – which seems sketchy and biased.

But whatever the outcome, the fact that we are faced with this new information from the League right now only proves even more that wealth doesn’t equal wisdom.