January 31, 2023

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Pest Science Corp.: Celebrating 20 years of excellence in science-based service

What started out as a small pest and termite control company has grown into Pest Science Corp. steadily evolved to become the trusted first ISO-IMS certified pest control company in the Philippines. The company has sailed strong through industry turbulent and calm waters and was built from humble beginnings with just three pioneers dedicated to the company. Today, Pest Science proudly has more than 500 employees across the country.

One wonders how Pest Science managed to do that. True to its logo, which features a microscope and a beetle, Pest Science has taken a very detailed and science-based approach when designing its products and services for its customers. In its first decade, Pest Science has secured ISO Integrated Management System (IMS) certification. In order to maintain this certification, the company continuously trains its employees to ensure their capacity and knowledge in this area. In addition, Pest Science has its own internal Pollution Control Officer and Safety Officer.

Pest Science Corp. is the first IMS certified pest control and vermin control company in the Philippines, audited and certified by TUV-SUD PSB Philippines, meeting the following standard:

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System

The company’s organized, systematic, and science-based approach has ensured the quality of its services to its clients and instilled pride and dignity in the work of its employees. Pest Science is committed to providing the highest quality of service in terms of customer satisfaction and conducting activities responsibly with due regard to all environmental, occupational health and safety issues.

With the company’s mission of combining science and service in the dynamic field of pest control, it also aims to serve a larger market with its biological-rational method, especially in areas where the demand for pest control services is high. In addition, Pest Science is committed to promoting and disseminating information to the public about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – one of the company’s approaches to solving the pest problem.

The Company carries out treatments for flying insects such as mosquitoes, crawling insects such as cockroaches, structural insects such as termites and beetles, and mammalian and rodent control. Excellent services also include fogging, sanitation and fogging.

Pest Science ensures that all employees are well equipped and thoroughly trained in the science and biology of pest control and management, following the company’s holistic approach and not just chemical treatment. In addition, the staff is geared to the specifics of the industry. In this way, their employees are more than capable of providing the best service to their customers. Empowering their staff in this way has enabled them to have offices throughout the Philippines.

As the culmination of Pest Science Corp.’s 20th Anniversary celebrations, A media launch was held on November 17 at the Kusina Comfort Food, Arzo Hotel in Paco, Manila.

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