February 4, 2023

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Quiboloy, best US Treasury sanction, dahil umano in the whole world

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctioning of the United States Department of Treasury, Founder and Pastor of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC) of Apollo Quiboloy was adopted by the Government of International Anti-Corruption Day and Human Rights Day.

As part of the US Treasury Department owning Quiboloy with over 40 katao and organizations renamed Korupsyon or in a Karapatang pantao Siyam Na Bansa sangkot.

“Apollo Carreon Quiboloy (Quiboloy) has been implicated in gross human rights abuses for more than a decade, including a pattern of systematic and pervasive rape of girls as young as 11 and other physical abuse,” OFAC said.

OFAC is a November 2021 federal indictment that declared Quiboloy to be a sex trafficker of “pastoral,” or by the KOJC as a personal matter of Quiboloy.

Ayon sa charge, inutusan the pastoral na mag-“night service”, and inatasang makipagtalik umano kay Quiboloy ayon sa itinakdang oras. May they do it to live in Quiboloy na pastoral in other countries like the Pilipinas and Estados Unidos.

“Quiboloy took advantage of his role within the KOJC to rape his victims and subject them to other physical abuse, and described these acts as sacrifices required by the Bible and by God for the victims’ salvation were instructed by him, ‘ Offering her body as a living sacrifice,’” OFAC said.

I am an OFAC report of a baby in Pinuwersa, umanong makipagtalik kay Quiboloy, a Beses in a Lingo kahit noong menor de edad pa siya and a Kada Bansa in Kanilang Pinupuntahan. Hindi niya na raw can be good when it comes to insiders.

Sinabi rin ng OFAC is known for Quiboloy and other pastoral and other KOJC members but also others from the Pisical Church leading the Panghahataw umano through Biktima and the birth of “Upper Six” is a Saradong connection known sa pagpaparusa.

“Quiboloy is identified under EO 13818 as a foreign person responsible for or complicit in, or directly or indirectly involved in, serious human rights violations. As noted above, Quiboloy was indicted in November 2021, according to the “FBI’s Wanted List,” anang OFAC.

The U.S. Treasury Department adopted the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act, which imposed on U.S. officials the sanctions they may have imposed as a result of statutes or statutes.

All sanctions all ari-arian if interested in ari-arian ng mga pinatawang tao na nasa Estados Unidos, o nasa pangangalaga o control ng mga tao en Estados Unidos are blocked at iuulat sa OFAC.

This is the case written directly or directly in Hindi with 50% or higher if blocked when healed maliban which can only be petted by a heneral or a special lisensya inisyu ng OFAC.

Isinasaad din à regulasyon of OFAC na pinagbabawalan tao tao in Estados Unidos loob o papunta bansa na may kaugnayan ari-arian o interess à ari-arian of pinatawang tao na makipagtransaksiyon, maliban kung pinahintulan of a heneral or specialipikong lisensya na inisyu ng OFAC.

Kasama sa pagbabawal ang pangongolekta o pagbibigay ng mga kontribusyon ng pondo, goods, and serbisyo sa pamamamagitan o sa benepisyo ng mga pinatawang indibidwal, o pagtanggap ng kahit anong kontribusyon ng mga pondo, goods, or serbisyo mula sa mga nabanggit na tao. — VBL, GMA Integrated Messages