February 4, 2023

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Russell Wilson receives more MVP votes than Patrick Mahomes

Russell Wilson is fired

Disaster-Russ WilsonImage: Getty Images

Russell Wilson was arguably the biggest disappointment of the 2022 NFL season, and that’s saying a lot considering the Los Angeles Rams are fresh out of a Super Bowl and currently hold a top-five draft pick. Wilson was brought to the Mile High City in exchange for a king’s ransom, but he was well worth it considering he’d be pushed into a division with two of the best young quarterbacks in the game as well as a Raiders offense just received at arguably the best wide receiver in all of football, and said, “All right. Make us a Super Bowl contender.” He didn’t do that.

Wilson looked terrible, recording just 11 touchdown passes in 13 games — he has more bathrooms in his house than TDs — and leading the Broncos to a miserable 3-10 record, ready to give Seattle one last parting gift of a top-three draft choose to do. His presence under center should propel Courtland Sutton and/or Jerry Jeudy to elite status among NFL wide receivers. Jeudy has been picking things up for the past few weeks, but both aren’t anywhere near reaching the heights they should be.

Denver was officially eliminated from the playoffs, and Wilson’s ineffective play is a big reason. Head coach Nathaniel Hackett is also massively at fault, however, as team success is a huge factor in MVP worthiness. So, even if you think Wilson isn’t to blame for the Broncos’ offensive mistakes (which would be stupid, by the way), his chances of winning the MVP this year are completely exhausted, and that’s going to leave a lot of people with dry wallets .

According to Caesars Sportsbook author Max Meyer, Russell Wilson has still received more MVP votes than Patrick Mahomes.

Think about it for a second. Patrick Mahomes proved he was still an MVP contender in Week 1 when he threw five touchdowns against the Arizona Cardinals. People still didn’t bet heavily on him. He has the second best MVP ratings in the country, but is still only ninth in all MVP tickets purchased.

Russell Wilson, on the other hand, proved his MVP unworthiness in Week 2 when he managed to pick up just 16 points against the pathetic Houston Texans. Depending on who you ask, some might even say he lost the MVP race when he lost to Geno Smith and the Seahawks in Week 1, immediately proving Seattle won the offseason trade. But I think that makes sense. Since Wilson looked so awful early on, the odds of him winning MVP are probably down drastically. That was Russell Wilson after all, there was no way he was going to be as bad as the first two games of the whole season, right? That mindset likely led to Wilson receiving so many MVP votes, so many that not even Mahomes can catch up.

Mahomes went into the season with the second-best MVP ratings. Russ finished seventh. So the next time a well-known QB is traded to a talented roster, maybe hesitate to throw hundreds of dollars at his MVP opportunities. If Aaron Rodgers makes a move to the New England Patriots, Washington Commanders, or wherever this offseason (hey, it might happen), wait a few weeks to see if he melds into the system. Hopefully all the Wilson hype has made us wiser for the future.