February 9, 2023

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Syria says Israel attacked areas around southern city of Damascus

AMMAN — The Syrian army said Monday that Israel had targeted parts of southern Damascus in the latest spate of attacks that regional intelligence sources say are targeting Iran-linked assets.

There were no initial reports of damage or casualties, and earlier state media said explosions could be heard over the capital.

Israel has repeatedly bombed targets of Iran-backed militias in Syria, saying its aim is to undermine Tehran’s military presence, which Western intelligence sources say has been expanding in the war-torn country over the past year.

The Israel Defense Forces did not immediately comment on the attack.

Two regional intelligence sources say the attacks hit an Iranian Quds Force outpost and its-backed militias, whose presence in Syria has increased in recent years.

They say the Iranians have a strong presence in the Sayeda Zainab neighborhood of southern Damascus, where Iran-backed militias have a number of underground bases.

Iran’s proxy militias, led by the Lebanese Hezbollah, now control vast areas of eastern and southern Syria and the northwest, as well as several suburbs around the capital. —Reuters