January 31, 2023

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Tsunami warning after magnitude 7.1 quake near Tonga: USGS

Strong earthquake in Tonga Islands region; American Samoa Tsunami Advisory Issued
For more information, see pic.twitter.com/3zVSFItTai

— National Weather Service (@NWS) November 11, 2022

Notable quake, preliminary information: M 7.1 – 207 km ESE of Neiafu, Tonga

— USGS Earthquakes (@USGS_Quakes) November 11, 2022

We evaluate
whether the M7.5 TONGA REGION earthquake poses a tsunami threat to New
Zealand. Once a tsunami has been generated, it is unlikely to arrive
New Zealand for at least hours.

— National Emergency
Administrative Agency (@NZcivildefence) November

Tsunami Monitoring Information Bulletin Issued;
Date: 11/11/2022
Time: 10:49 p.m
Size: 7.5MW
Depth: 10 km
Location: 211 km SE of Neiafu, Tonga Islands.
offshore earthquake

There is a TSUNAMI WATCH for the Fiji region, especially the Lau group. pic.twitter.com/eWpE2axNa5

— Seismology Fiji (@FijiSeismology) November 11, 2022

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck the sea off Tonga late Friday, prompting a tsunami warning, according to the US Geological Survey.

The earthquake hit 10 km (six miles) deep, about 200 km southeast of Neiafu, a city in the northeast Pacific archipelago, according to the USGS.

“Dangerous tsunami waves are possible for coasts within 300 km of the earthquake’s epicenter,” said the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

Seismic activity is fairly common in Tonga, a country of about 100,000 people spread over 171 islands.

In January this year, it was rocked by the eruption of the Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai volcano, one of the most powerful such events in modern times, according to researchers from the University of Bath.

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