February 4, 2023

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Vice Ganda “Bait-Baitan” every time he releases a new movie?

Cristy Fermin says Vice Ganda is always “Bait-Baitan” when he has a new movie.

VICE GANDA – Veteran columnist Cristy Fermin opens up about Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda and his “good timing.”

Kapamilya star Vice Ganda’s recent videos on his Youtube are about unforgettable memories and charity on his way to Sagada. He took the long way, making stops to get to his true destination, and at each of his stops there was always someone blessed by him.

He has brought back several memories of charity on this trip and many people are touched and inspired by his generous gestures.

But Cristy Fermin shares some people’s observation on this.

Accordingly, some have noticed that he only makes commendable and charitable gestures because of his upcoming movie. Dubbed the ‘Queen Of MMFF’ this year, the ‘Queen of MMFF’ has a new film for this year’s film festival, his first film after not filming for two years.

Fermin said what he did was “good timing.” The first approached and hugged Toni Gonzaga and the other ate at a street shop, referring to the one story from the first part of his vlog series.

That’s not so common for the Kapamilya superstar.

The veteran columnist added, “Kaya siya nabubutasan, hindi niya naman ito madalas gawin e. Pero kapag may pelikula siya, umiikot talaga siya and tumutulong sa mga kababayan natin, diba?”

Fermin speculated that Vice seems to already be doing everything at the perfect time. She noted that her claims are based only on observations and stories from people online.

Check below:

Meanwhile, this isn’t the superstar’s first charity gesture on the ground. Last March, he decided to pay for a pharmacy’s customers’ medicines, as captured in a vlog, and at this time he has no new films or projects. He just feels like he needs to share his blessings.


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